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Vol. 28, No. 4 | Winter 2015 Newsletter
2015, A Good Year

Carl Janssens, ASA | Chief Appraiser

The books will soon be closed for business in 2015. For pre-owned sales in business and general aviation, it was a good year. There were no surprises. There were no bull markets or bear markets, just a steady flow of business. All categories reported in the Aircraft Bluebook were active. Whether it was the sale of a 50 year old non pressurized piston aircraft or a late model large cabin long range business jet, the re-sale market was productive. 2015 was also a year for a new definition in rethinking how future values for aircraft should be predicted.

Gone are the days of value appreciation. The market has proven that aircraft, like most equipment in the machinery category, have a depreciation factor. Predictions are like opinions, no consensus on the degree. However, most agree that values will...

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