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For over 50 years, Aircraft Bluebook has been providing valuable information designed to give the most accurate, comprehensive and timely assessment of the aircraft market.
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Vol. 27, No. 2  | Tuesday, June 7, 2014

Featured Columnists: Dennis Rousseau, President | and Tony Kioussis, President | Asset Insight, Inc.

Aircraft Bluebook Marketline offers timely intelligence information for the discerning aviation professional who is involved in any one of the many facets of business aircraft markets.

In this issue, Dennis Rousseau of AircraftPost, provides highlights for interrupting market values on corporate jets. Like the information displayed on a weather radar screen in IMC flight, the raw data has to be understood in its relationship to the calibration of the unit itself. Follow this market perspective as Rousseau calibrates his analysis through historical facts based on market values.

Marketline also would like to introduce Tony Kioussis of Asset Insight. Kioussis has a unique program that values an aircraft’s maintenance condition in real dollars through a rating scale....

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