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Aircraft Bluebook
Online Database

The Aircraft Bluebook Online Database provides valuable industry information that has been available in our print editions for over 55 years. With more than 3,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft, our online database is a valuable resource to do appraisals and valuations quickly and thoroughly.

Including avionics, airworthiness directives, conversions and overhauls, the Aircraft Bluebook is designed to give the most accurate, comprehensive and timely assessment of the aircraft market. You will have the ability to track pricing trends and anticipate industry changes and make them work for you.

Online Database includes:

  • Each aircraft entry includes a list of all applicable airworthiness directives with a brief description.
  • An engine section with overhaul costs and factory recommended TBO's.
  • A guide to valuing engine maintenance programs.
  • A table of values for new paint and interiors.
  • Values for de-ice equipment.
  • Values for sea-plane floats.

The Aircraft Bluebook online database is updated quarterly: 3/1, 6/1, 9/1, 12/1.


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Aircraft Bluebook Online - 1 year subscription $399.00 
Combo Packages
Aircraft Bluebook Online & Historical Value Reference - 1 year subscription $599.95 

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